Cloudino an Internet of Things Platform

The easiest way to connect your Arduino to the Cloud

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Our Innovation:
The WiFi Cloud Connector

Connect to the cloud, easy and transparent, differents MCU platforms like Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC, etc.

The WiFi Cloud Connector is not an Arduino shield, is other processor working in parallel dedicated only to the network layer including the IoT protocols, leaving the Arduino dedicated to the connectivity with the sensors and actuators, while allows reprogramming Arduino via WiFi or Cloud.

How it works?


  • Simple Message Router
  • Simple Timer API
  • Console Messaging
  • Simple Wifi Configuration (Access Point)
  • Based on low cost ESP8266
  • Cloudino Firmware
  • Arduino IDE Integration
  • Wifi Arduino Programming
  • Built in IoT Protocols
    • Cloudino Protocol
    • Orion Context Broker (FIWARE)
    • MQTT
    • COAP
    • Blynk
  • mDNS Support
  • Simple Messaging Rest Services
  • Web IDE (based on Arduino IDE)
  • Cloud Arduino Programming
  • Cloud Storage
  • Rule Manager
  • Message Manager
  • Device Console
  • Push Notification


Supported Devices

Getting Started